1.       Learners Test and Booking

  • R 1 500.00
  • Includes:
    • Natis application test booking and emails or other mediums R100.00 Learners and Practical driving test.
    • Transporting of client to book learner test appointment
    • Study material also includes the Gauteng Province Computerised Questionnaire & Answers
    • Transporting client to testing centre to write test on the day of the test
    • Excludes municipal fees at testing centre
    • A learner test lesson is strongly recommended at R500.00 for a 2 (two hour) lesson.

2.       Code “B” Motor Vehicle Training

NB: Students that utilises their own vehicles receive a discount of 20% on all prices mentioned if you meet the instructor at the Parking practice grounds. Students that utilises their own vehicles receive a discount of 15% on all prices mentioned if the instructor meet you at a given address for the lesson except the parking practice ground. Students that use their own vehicles must pay the parking practice fee.

  • R 580.00 for a two (2) hour driving lesson
  • Includes parking fees of R 30.00

3.       Code “A” Motorcycle Training

  • R 580.00 for a two (2) hour lesson
  • Includes track fees of R 30.00

4.       Package Payments  (Client’s choice)

  • R 2800.00 that includes:
  • 5 X 2 hour lessons
  • Includes parking fees of R 30.00 per lesson

5.      Day of practical driving test

(Costs involved for the day of the test, depends on where the practical test will take place)]

  • Waltloo Testing Centre:                           R 1 200.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)
  • Rayton Testing Centre:                           R 1 500.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)
  • Centurion Testing Centre:                       R 1 300.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)
  • Any other DLTC in Gauteng:                   R 2 000.00 (Excludes Test simulation lesson)
  • Bronkhorstspruit Testing Centre:           R 1 500.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)
  • Edenvale Testing Centre:                        R 1 500.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)
  • Kempton Park Testing Centre:                R 1 500.00 (Includes Test simulation lesson)

Terms & Conditions

Payments.  Payment is strictly Cash or EFT payment per lesson and booking appointments. With EFT payments, proof of payment must be supplied before a lesson or services are rendered.
Collection and Drop Off.  Students will be collected at a pre-arranged address and taken back to the pre-arranged address after each lesson.
Cancellation.  Should an appointment or lesson be cancelled without providing 24 hours’ notice, Top Instructor Driving School will charge half of the lesson fee. Same day cancellations will only be accepted in respect of emergencies, illness, unforeseen family responsibilities or at the discretion of Top Instructor Driving School. Extracurricular academic or sporting activities  does not constitute an emergency. If the client was aware of the possibilty of other obligations, the lesson should not have been booked at all.
Unforeseen Circumstances.  When Top Instructor Driving School take a client to a Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) for a test booking and the DLTC is unable to provide a test date for whatsoever reason, Top Instructor Driving School, cannot be held accountable and half of the booking fee will be charged. Furthermore, we will not be held accountable, if the test date provided by the DLTC does not suit the client.
Strikes.  Should there be a strike in whatsoever form during any test or test booking appointment; and such test or test booking cannot proceed, half the amount of the test or booking fee will be charged as the service was rendered as intended.
RefundsPackage payment refunds will only be done, if such client provides sound & realistic reasons for such refund. If services were already rendered, it will be deducted from the package payment as if payment was made on the day of services were rendered.
Disclaimer.  Top Instructor Driving School will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, losses, or damages that may occur to any client or their personal property. The client/parent or next of kin will release Top Instructor Driving School from all such claims. Your Instructor will supply the “terms and conditions” for you to read and sign, and a copy will be handed over to you.