Introduction to your training

At Top Instructor Driving School, your training will be complete before the day of your practical driving test. You, the learner driver will be trained in a vehicle with a dual controlled braking system. This not only provides a back-up safety feature to the client and the instructor but also to your fellow road users.

The dual controlled braking system allows us to provide Freeway training and teaches the student to how to cope with the current driving situation on the South African roads. If for some reason we were unable to provide Freeway training during your lessons, a Freeway training lesson will be offered to you after you obtained your driving licence, at our expense.

Driving lessons will be two (2) hours long per driving lesson; as a one (1) hour lesson is a waste of your money and time. Your driving lesson begin when you are behind the steering wheel and driving, not the Instructor. You pay for two (2) hours and you will drive for two (2) hours.

Although package deals are offered, we do not recommend these deals, because if the client not is not satisfied with the level of service offered, the fees will not be returned as is custom with all Driving Schools.

We do not provide second-rate training, meaning that on the day of your practical driving test you will be a skilled, competent road user and not a learner driver anymore. We will not force you nor trick you into make a practical driving test booking if you, the learner is not trained up Top Instructor’s thorough, meticulous standards as set out in the K53 manual. We will make sure that at the time of you driving test, you will be test ready!

It has happened in the past that bookings for appointments could not be made for reasons beyond our control. Should this occur, Top Instructor Driving School will not be held responsible as specific service was rendered as intended.

We strongly recommend a last finishing lesson of two (2) hours on the day of your practical driving test. This lesson places the client in the correct frame of mind for the practical test. The fees involved on the day of the test include the use of the training vehicle.


1. Learners test booking

  • R 1 500.00
  • Includes:
    • Transporting of client to book learner test appointment
    • Study material
    • Transporting client to testing centre to write test
    • Excludes municipal fees at testing centre

2. Code “B” driving training

  • R 440.00 for a two (2) hour driving lesson
  • Excludes parking fees of R 25.00

3. Code “A” motorcycle training

  • R 440.00 for a two (2) hour lesson
  • Excludes track fees of R 25.00

4. Package (Client’s choice)

  • R 2100.00
  • 5 X 2 hour lessons
  • Excludes parking fees of R 25.00

5. Day of practical driving test (Costs involved for the day of the test, depends on where the practical test will take place)

  • Waltloo Testing Centre:  R 950.00 (Excludes Finishing lesson)
  • Rayton Testing Centre: R 1050.00 (Excludes Finishing lesson)
  • Centurion Testing Centre: R 950.00 (Excludes Finishing lesson)
  • Midrand Testing Centre: R 1050.00 (Excludes Finishing lesson)
  • Any other testing centre in Gauteng: R 1 800.00 (Excludes Finishing lesson)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment is strictly CASH or EFT per lesson and appointments. With EFT payment proof of payment must be supplied before a lesson or services.  Students will be picked up and taken back after each lesson.
  2. Parking area that we use charge R25.00 for 2 hours to use their facilities. The client must pay this in cash to them. This fee is not included in your lesson fee.
  3. Should you cancel a booking without giving 24 hours’ notice, we will charge halve the lesson fee at this stage R240.00
  4. When we take you to a DLTC for a test booking and they are unable to provide a test date for whatever reason, we cannot be accountable and will halve of the fee be charged at this stage R240.00. We are also not accountable if a test date does not suit you.
  5. Should there be any strike that we were unaware with any test or test appointment booking and such test or test booking cannot proceed halve the amount will be charged at this stage R240.00 for a test booking and R475.00 for a practical driving test.
  6. With package payment refunds will be done for any payments you have made, if you provide good reason for the refund. If services was already rendered it will be deducted from the package payment as if payment was made on the day of services.
  7. Top Instructor Driving School will not be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damage that may occur to any client or their property. The client/parent and next of kin do hereby release Top Instructor Driving School from all such claims.
  8. Your Instructor will supply the” terms and conditions” for you to read and sign, and a copy will be handed over to you.